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Name: Stefano Zenobi


Organization: WWF Myanmar

Level of experience: Coach-in-Training

Experience with the Open Standards:

  • Coached planning processes for conservation programmes, landscape programmes and specific projects
  • Experience in applying open standards in wildlife and forest focused programmes with large socio-economic development components
  • Led field evaluations of wildlife and forest projects in the Greater Mekong Region
  • Strong background in quantitative and qualitative research for development and conservation
  • Co-leading WWF forest monitoring work in the Greater Mekong Region
  • Conservation Impact Coordinator of WWF Myanmar

Self assessment of current level of coaching skills:

Category 1: able to coach a site team in workshop setting with trainer coach (Category 4) present: Yes
Category 2: able to coach site team independently with access to (remote) back-up: Yes
Category 3: able to coach site team and provide other coaches with (remote) back-up: No
Category 4: able to coach teams, to coach coaches, to provide training: No

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